Montreal Conference on Pain Circuit

A unique opportunity to discuss the most recent advances in our understanding of nociceptive neuronal circuit function

2023 Meeting

The conference will bring together scientists studying:

  • Normal and neuropathic nociceptive circuit function
  • The emotive and discriminatory dimensions of pain
  • The interface between nociception and other somatosensory modalities
  • The development and maturation of pain circuits
  • How noxious stimuli are translated into behavioural responses

Some of the techniques and concepts featured at this conference include:

  • Electrophysiological properties of nociceptive circuits
  • Molecular profiling of nociceptive neurons
  • Circuit tracing using classical and viral approaches
  • Chemogenetic and optogenetic manipulation of neural circuits
  • Molecular and genetic basis of neural circuit assembly

The conference is also an opportunity for trainees to interact with the world experts on nociceptive circuits: most submitted trainee abstracts will be presented in poster format, while a selection of them will be presented orally.

Artur Kania, IRCM
Reza Sharif Naeini, McGill University
Hélène Beaudry, QPRN


Speakers this year:




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